You Jackalope, You

Hola, bisquichitos! These past few weeks haven’t been exclusively about prom. I managed to start my latest Tula Pink project. I love these blocks! The colors are brilliant and vibrant! Aside from some slight confusion over the direction of all those little triangles, they aren’t too difficult to piece. I’m very careful with my scant 1/4″ and press these carefully. Magic Sizing is your best friend when working with triangles. They stretch and get wonky if you don’t starch them. The real crowning glory for this quilt will be some super custom long arm quilting by Bella Bamert!


I just met with Bella this weekend to get my Arabesque quilt back! What a stunner! The undulating wave pattern she chose is perfection! It gives the drops a wonderful fluid quality. They have so much movement and play. And the waves feel puffy in between the quilting! The backing is almost as exciting as the front. Now, it just needs binding. Whew, lots of binding! It’s close to queen size.



I manage to finish the April embroidery sampler panel ahead of schedule. I love the jackalope! Since I have been a bunny fanatic for years, it tickled me to do this one. Especially for my birthday month! I’m figuring out though that the bright white sparkle thread is NOT my friend. Such a pain to stitch! The results are worth it.


I celebrated my birthday with a family dinner on the 8th (my birthday was actually on the 5th, but I celebrate for weeks) at South City Kitchen. Gouda Fritters…yep, every bit as decadent and sumptuous as imagined. Patrick gave me a hot pink Nintendo Wii controller and the 2014 Just Dance game! I can’t wait to try it out with him!


Mom surprised me with the previously sold-out Coach limited edition Barbie doll! She wanted me to have it since we look alike. LOL. She even got me some sunglasses very similar to the doll’s. Mom also gave me a beautifully framed photo of me and Pat, taken at Bam’s 80th birthday party. It might be my favorite picture of us ever. Love him so much!


All in all, my birthday week left me feeling very loved and blessed indeed. I love my family more than I can express and cherish my friends truly. It’s not bad getting older when you have this much love in your life.

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