Jo’s Sugarcube Birthday

My birthday is looming on the horizon this week, like Godzilla over Tokyo. I’m sure some folks are wondering what to get me. I’ll drop a few hints (or really obvious clues). While stuff is nice, some of the things I want most aren’t gifts anyone can give. Like good health and happiness for my family and friends. But just in case you hate to show up for a shindig empty-handed (I can’t stand to do that), here’s a few ideas.

Purely material ideas:
Hawthorne Threads Gift Certificate (available online, my favorite fabric fix)
Nordstrom Gift Card (my fave store of all time)

More meaningful ideas:
Supporting the WaterBack IndieGogo fundraiser (started by Ali Taylor, with whom I share my birthday!)
Sponsoring a Soi Dog (they rescue strays and dogs from the meat trade industry in Indonesia)
Gifting someone a farm animal with Heifer International (you can give someone in a developing nation a goat, a pig, a duck, whatever! and get a plush one to commemorate it!)

The single gift I hope everyone I love gives me is the gift of their time, to spend together, laughing, sharing a meal, watching a movie, doing something fun, talking on the phone. That will mean the most. Oh, and by the way, I keep my birthday festivities running all month long!


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