My bloggy blog guidelines…

For family and friends…don’t freak out if I post something down, dark or depressing. You are welcome to freak out if I chop all my hair off–that can never be a good omen. I work through things on my blog and need to express myself. I feel how I feel and this is my forum. To paraphrase the lyrics in Institution, if you give me a little time, I’ll work things out. All I wanted was a Pepsi…or a Coke. Definitely a Coke.

Aside from the aforementioned mini gripe, I do truly APPRECIATE everyone who reads my blog, especially family and friends. Since I have been infamously incommunicado at times, this blog is a good insight into my inner hamster ball. But it’s usually not the whole picture, since my hamster is always hopped up on Red Bull and going in a billion different directions. So, it’s a snapshot, taken of a blurry cracked-out hamster. Wheeeee!!!!!

For everybody…comment or “like” the post if you dig it. I need to know what is enjoyable and what should be destined for the electronic compost heap. I’m grateful you visited my blog and hope you smiled. My fervent desire is that I inspire some laughter for anyone who visits. Or empathy with those suffering from similar miseries. Like Indian Meal Moths…damn you, gray furry fiends!

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