Take Me To Bearadise

Yeah, that’s right. We headed out of town this weekend for a cousins cabin trip up in Whittier, North Carolina. February is usually my least favorite month…it’s miserably cold, yucky and bleak. A change of scenery is key for survival.

We stayed at Bearadise, pun fully intended. The place is smothered in adorable black bears. It’s a three story log cabin, fully appointed with new appliances, hot tub, four bedrooms, three full baths, a huge wrap-around porch and stunning mountain views. Melody found this place online and it did not disappoint!

Friday night, the gang (Mel, Donnie, Kelly, Patrick Saxby-her hubby, Heather-their friend, me, Peanut, and Meredith), sat down for brew and board games. We played Catchphrase…I love this game because it requires quick thinking and has a timer counting down to a buzzer. So much fun! We also played Apples to Apples. I’m a little fuzzy on how that one worked since, by then, the SoCo Lime was kicking in. Blame it on the al-ah-al-ah-al-co-hol!

Saturday night, we loaded up and hit the casino in Cherokee. The Harrah’s Casino in Cherokee is beautiful. The front lobby has a huge atrium with a raindrop waterfall. So striking! I could do without the army of smokers and confusing, sprawling interiors jam-packed with flashing, beeping machines, but we had a good time. I won $41 playing 5 cent slots and cashed out. The band at the dance club was excellent, and the drunk patrons were fabulous! When we left the casino, fluffy snowflakes were falling.

Sunday, the boys went skiing/snowboarding and the girls went shopping. Well, we tried to go shopping. Downtown Franklin is a ghost town on Sundays, except for the Route 66 Cafe. We had fantastic hamburgers and really appreciated the great service Tim provided. Quite a little gem in Franklin. We found three shops open in Dillsboro…a general store, a fudge/candy shop and a handmade pottery boutique. We also visited a few roadside tchotchke shops in Cherokee, but nothing is sadder than Cherokee Indian goods manufactured in China. Tacky and shameful.

One of the highlights of the trip for me was spending an hour or so in the not-so-hot hot tub time machine on the back porch with Peanut and Melody. We laughed about the latest Geico Pig commercial…boots and pants and boots and pants and boots and pants. Peanut even figured out the hot tub had color changing strobes! Woohoo! Par-tay!

The only cherry missing from the top of the cousins getaway weekend was Casey Dean. Oh, how we missed you, Casey. Hope your basketball shtuff went well! We gotta make sure we all get together again soon!

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