No Swooning Allowed

Last February, I posted a V-Day guide. No such nonsense will be taking place this time. I’m kind of a scrooge right now when it comes to romance and dating, so bah humbug, harumph, and boo hiss to all that. I’m ignoring it this year. I’m sure my tune will change sometime in spring, but since Beauregard Lee may have been too fat to waddle outside and ignore his shadow…who knows when spring will actually arrive? (And if you don’t know who Beauregard is, he’s Atlanta’s version of Punxatawney Phil. The last time I saw him, he was a big furry blob sunning himself on a stump.)

I have been hitting the gym lately, thanks to my trainer, Gary. I might actually be able to do some version of a push-up…in a few months. My long spaghetti arms are great for reaching things on high shelves, not so great for weight lifting. And the teaser days of almost-warm weather, in between winter snaps, have been perfect for some slow jogging. I’m clocking in three miles in just over 27 minutes. Marathon material, I am not.

I have some big quilting news–I met Bella Bamert today and she is working on my Tula Pink Arabesque quilt! It’s my original design, with appliqués all over it. Bella is well-known in the quilting world for her fantastic long-arm designs. What an honor to have a master working on it! She was thrilled with my modern design and had great ideas about the best way to quilt it, and the proper color thread to use. I can’t say enough nice things about Bella. She’s sweet, funny, creative, brilliant, personable and honest. Bella will let you know if she thinks something will work or not, and if it should have fancier quilting or something more simple. My good friend and fellow quilting enthusiast, Julie, introduced me to Bella after mentioning that she had a fabulous custom quilter. I was amazed to find out that it was none other than Bella! Woohoo!

I finished a baby quilt this weekend for Reynolds Abigail Abernethy. How I wish I knew who designed the fabric…oh well, must save selvedges in future. It features elephants and peacocks in pink, hot pink and dark brown. I found the pattern in a quilt magazine, a simple big block arrangement. So easy! After hand-stitching the binding, I added the cherry on top–an embroidered tag with her name and birth date! Very pretty and girly without being too saccharine.





Since I’m not excited by V-day this year, I’ll tell you what I am excited about. The glut of great TV to watch! Tonight alone, we have The Walking Dead, Downton Abbey, True Detective AND the Olympics! My DVR is smoking right now. I know that I swore I’d never watch Downton again after they killed off Matthew, but the show is still too good to miss. The Walking Dead takes priority though. I gotta watch it first! And True Detective might keep me up late. Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson are so tightly wound in this show. Both actors have vastly matured. I was sad to see American Horror Story: Coven end, but next season is American Horror Story: Circus. And March will bring a new season of Bates Motel! I love Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga. And that hot blonde guy who plays his brother! Oh, if only I could spend V-day with him. I might perk up a bit. LOL.

Farewell, my studio and a bountiful array of TV shows beckons!

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