Fabu Nuptials, Y’all!

This past weekend, I was invited to a very small, intimate wedding of a wonderful friend, Desi, and her knight in shining armor, David (they met at a Halloween party, when he was dressed as a knight). Her favorite color is red, so everything was decorated with white tulle, black satin and red roses. They had flower girls, a ring bearer, four bridesmaids and a matron of honor, plus the accompanying number of groomsmen (I lost my program, so memory fails me here).

Desi is stunning on a daily basis, but she was truly radiant in her gown and veil. The gown had a gorgeous sweetheart neckline and a full hoop skirt, with beautiful beadwork all over and lots of lace. Under the dress, her shoes were the BOMB. She had glittery platform pumps with wide straps. The ceremony was quite personal, with his uncle, a pastor, officiating, his aunt citing scripture, and his son standing by his side. Desi’s sister, Indira, was her matron of honor. So sweet…that is the best description of their vow exchange. They look incredibly blissful together.

After they kissed and the ushers escorted the ladies out, the bridal party went to take pictures and the guests headed to the lounge at the Hilton for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. I always have to give Desi props for the most amazing food. She picked lobster impenadas, scallops wrapped in bacon and chicken cordon bleu bites. I’m getting hungry again just thinking about them!

When they finished pictures, they invited everyone back into the ballroom for a buffet dinner, photos with the bride and groom, and some music. Hors d’oeuvres are my favorite, of course, but the buffet was rather yummy too. Cutting the cake, the married couple decided on sweet, not messy, bites. (Unless you’re going for an epic, dump-the-entire-cake-on-someone approach, I think the sweet. neat bite is so much classier).

DJ Rob started the dancing off with the couple dance, followed by the parentals, and then opened it up for the crowd. Desi changed into a short, cocktail style dress, made of lace with feathery accents, and those awesome shoes! Her ring bearer, Kai, stole the show for most of the evening. He danced ALL NIGHT LONG. He’s four years old and has moves that put most guys to shame. Pure rhythm and energy, this kid. I’ll post video. You’ll see. He’ll probably go viral. They should hire him out for parties and events. LOL.

We danced for hours. The shoes came off, the crowd got rowdy, and shots were taken (both photo and liquor variety). Desi and David are perfect for each other: fun-loving, caring, sweet, wonderful, vivacious, all-about-family-and-friends, open, engaging, loving.

I’m barely scratching the surface of how phenomenal this wedding was. I could spend hours writing about how beautiful everyone looked, how much fun we had, all the new friends I hope I can see again soon. That has always been something I love and admire about Desi…she brings people together. And by the grace of God, she and David were brought together. Best wishes to Desi and David!

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