What we did during SnowJam 2014…

Blargh. That’s the collective noise of six million people losing their minds, stuck in traffic for hours, even days. The powers that be are lucky that no one died, though many suffered, from hunger, dehydration, lack of supplies for medical conditions, etc. I’m not here to rant or place blame…just breathing a sigh of relief that Southern hospitality kicked in and we made it though this. There were so many examples of good samaritans offering aid, including directing traffic, handing out food and bottled water, and using their four wheel drive vehicles to rescue folks. The North may laugh at us for being crippled by 2-3 inches of snow, but I’m proud of how kind our city is in crisis.

Patrick and I got massively lucky that we only live 3.5 miles from his school. I left at 1:30 to pick him up. The 5 minute drive stretched on for two hours before I abandoned my car in an office lot. Luckily, he had stowed his old snowboarding clothes in the trunk (to give away). I squeezed my rump into the pants (my kid is seriously skinny, so this was miraculous), threw on an extra sweatshirt under my coat, wrapped a scarf around my head and hoofed it. I gotta give props to the staff at Mount Vernon. They stayed to make sure all the kids found transportation, even though it meant some had to find shelter for themselves with MV families. We walked home, talked to some folks in cars on the way, warning them about how nothing was moving. Walking in the door at 5, with a crock pot roast and veggies ready, we felt beyond lucky to be home.

Since then, Patrick and I have spent a lot of time on the sofa watching soccer together and playing with the pups. I’m sharing two videos. I’ll warn you. Biscuit makes me melt and say stupid things. He’s just THAT CUTE. So, kill some time on these snow days and watch the Chito do what he does best…flop around and look adorable.

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