Bammy’s 80th Birthday!

Howdy, folks! This weekend, the family got together to celebrate a very momentous occasion! Bam’s 80th birthday! Woohoo! We all got together at my folks house, including Beth and Phil from Albuquerque and Jan and Dick from Auburn. Our favorite caterers provided fabulous hors d’oeuvres, a phenomenal buffet and scrumptious desserts. My fave hors d’oeuvre was the rice and roasted corn cake with a dollop of pimento cheese. Wow! So delicious! Patrick loves the lamb chops that they always make special for him. Bam and Papa’s fave was the Rich’s recipe coconut cake. They put the prettiest flower arrangement with red roses on top (Bam used to raise stunning roses, so it was perfect!). Such a delight to see all the cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. There was a bartender, doo wop music playing in the background, breathtaking floral arrangements on every table. Bammy looked so pretty in a lace white top, sporting her new bracelet that Papa got her (rose-y gold cable with five round channel set diamonds). She was glowing all night!

By far, the funniest part of the evening was when Bam opened her gifts. Wrapped in pretty paper, the package looked ordinary, like maybe a thoughtful book or a box of slippers. But no, it was WAY better. Beth and Phil always find the most hysterical cards and gifts. The torn wrapping revealed a WONDER WOMAN SNUGGIE!!! Then there was a companion box, same size. It contained a SUPER MAN SNUGGIE for Papa! We helped them get the Snuggies out of the boxes and fitted onto them. Bam discovered one more smaller item that went with the Snuggies…the Snuggie Sutra! At this point, I’m laughing so hard, I’m nearly snorting and coughing heavily. The Snuggie Sutra makes it rounds about the room. OMG. The illustrations look like the universally-known bathroom man and woman figures. Only draped in Snuggies. Doing highly suggestive or downright raunchy things. Having a truly ribald sense of humor, the Snuggies and the Sutra have slayed me. Patrick starts perusing the book, his eyes getting bigger by the moment. I start laughing again. Papa stands up to get his photo taken, putting his hands on his hips and looking up to the ceiling, just like the man of steel. Sweet buttered Methuselah…could it get any funnier? Yes, yes, it could. Papa does the two handed karate chop V at his crotch. I’m sure the photographer is thinking we are all truly deranged and perverse by this point. Or enjoying the revelry.

Nothing could have been more precious than to celebrate our Bam with such a fabulous party. She is a mother, a wife, a grandmother, a great grandmother, an aunt, a sister, and so much more. Her words of wisdom are legendary (familiarity breeds contempt) and her talents are boundless. She married the love of her life at 16, gave birth to three children, cooked, cleaned, made curtains, clothes and bedspreads (in her copious free time when she wasn’t also working full time), took care of a revolving menagerie of orange tabby cats, persian cats, cocker spaniels and poodles (plus, any other little creature needing love and care), painted pottery, did needlepoint and crochet, created a magnificent garden and tended it herself for years, nurtured six grandchildren throughout their childhood (still working on the sole great grand son), and continues to inspire us all with her sense of humor, fearless enjoyment of new technology, and her pure relish for life. There is no way to encompass the depth of this woman so all I can say is how much we all love you Bam. We love you so very much!!! Happy, happy 80th birthday!



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