Puppy Wooby

Hola Chitos!

I have been busy wrangling UFOs! My basement atelier is a little more cluttered than usual, but it’s paying off. The endless boxes of giblets (from the basement storage closet) are finally getting sorted. I found five tiny painted birds that I needed to repair my mom’s Birds of a Feather picture frame. That doesn’t sound too exciting, except that I made the frame ten years ago. So those tiny birds somehow managed to avoid being thrown away or lost through four big moves. I’m an organized pack rat.


I made three puppy woobies for my Etsy site and uploaded some new items to it. The puppy woobies were inspired by Bitsy. When Mom first adopted her, I made a tiny blanket with a cute print (Skyler in a poncho and sombrero–my custom design ordered from Spoonflower) and backed it in Snuggle fabric. Mom slept with it for a few days to give it her scent and then put it in Bitsy’s crate. Bitsy loves it! The wooby comforts her when Mom isn’t around. She sleeps with it every night, along with Mr. Bird and Ms. Pig (her stuffed toys).


015 016 063 064 065

January is a whirlwind month for our family. We celebrate Dad and Bam’s birthday. Bam turns 80 this year! We are having a family party to fete her, with yummy catering. Dad’s birthday is this weekend, but I think we’ll have a low key dinner for him. Coco’s birthday is the 20th, but we are partying on Saturday night, with a surprise dinner and show, plus dancing later. Next time I post, I promise lots of fun photos!

P.S. Here’s a snap of the needlepoint sampler060 I’m working on! Too cute!


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