Joyeux, Joyeux Noel

A belated Merry Christmas and an early Happy New Year to everyone! This will be a picture heavy post.  I helped Mom, Dad, Bam and Papa hang ornaments, stockings, and unwrap the nativity scene. We didn’t realize until after we looked at the photos that Beezer has laser beam eyes!  097 149 162 167 114 117 121 123 125

080Such a tired puppy! She had to direct all that action!

Me and the Magician’s Bunny at the W!




More bunny obsession…and owls…tiny table runners/mug rugs. Great gifts! I have also been cranking on three baby quilts…two feature Alexander Henry’s Dia de La Meurtos designs and one has a pink and brown elephant and peacock menagerie design. I can’t wait to see them all finished!

044 043 040 345 337

Peanut sacked out on Christmas Day. I think he stayed up all night waiting for Santa…or probably playing Xbox.

323 069

Typical Teenage Boys

Biscuit was so excited to find chicken meatballs in his stocking on Christmas morning. He noticed them before Skyler and ran straight to the mantle. He ripped his stocking down and tried to burrow through the velvet–to no avail. Skyler was too busy chasing squirrels in the backyard to notice the stockings.

319 312 311 309 286 267Bisquichito looking quite satisfied after a few meatballs…

I have talked about my flying wallenda squirrels before. I found this charming photo on FB and had to save it. Yes, this is what they look like. And yes, their absurd cuteness is what prevents me from trapping or harming them in any way. Mine aren’t quite this fat, which makes them even cuter, because their eyes look more enormous.

346 331

















This meme sums up my Christmas so perfectly.


My parents…happy and in love after 28 years together! Best Christmas gift ever!231 229

Hope your New Year is full of blessings!

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