Howdy, folks. Well, if the sky is gonna fall, I might as well keep working until it does. Little Quilts called me to let me know this lap quilt was ready. I admit it…I have gotten entirely lazy about finishing a quilt. I am only interested in piecing the quilt top (and binding assembly). They pieced the backing and attached the binding fully (usually I complete the binding with hand-stitches). I also managed to finish the embroidered tag and stitch it on. It’s a gift for a dear friend in California who always sends me Godiva chocolates and teddy bears this time of year.

I designed this quilt myself, which explains why it’s a little wonky. I love the prints…Comma for Moda by Brigitte Heitland. The charm packs made stitching the snowballs super easy. I love how the gray background really makes them float!

013 016 017

In the interest of conquering more UFO’s, I stitched the tag to my Prince Charming quilt. Only six months late…


Laura commissioned me to make two coordinating baby quilts for twin girls. The parents love funkier things, so she though a Dia De Los Muertos theme would be perfect! Surprise, surprise…Alexander Henry had the perfect collection available! Showcasing these gorgeous prints was important, so this quilt will be a simple 8″ snowball quilt framed in white. I fussy cut the Virgincita print (check out the cherubs above her!). The binding will be a hot pink fabric with white zig zag lines. The coordinating quilt will have a purple Virgincita panel and a purple zig zag binding. So cute! If only I could be more prolific–I’d sell these quilts on Etsy!


I had a brainstorm during Christmas Tree decorating last night. This fat bluebird would be perfect for my Little Bird logo! I love the crown and the purple knots! Now I just have to use my limited knowledge of Paint to modify it. LOL.


Biscuit Update: The Chito is doing much better! He got his drain removed on Saturday! Good news…he’s healing! Bad news, the cone is back. He doesn’t mind this one as much–it’s smaller than the previous one and has a gauze bow to protect his neck. The photos below are from the night of the attack up to Saturday. Poor buddy, he has been so traumatized by this. He is acting more aggressive than I have ever seen him. He’s so frightened that something will hurt him now. I gave up on feeding him pills. The vet gave him a 2 week antibiotic injection after he bit the fool out of me. Since the gate isn’t reinforced yet, I let the boys out in the fully fenced in, chain link area we have in the backyard. Nothing is getting through that!

He gets warm compresses twice a day to finish draining the wound. I have been so shocked by how much damage could be done with one bite. However unfortunate this event may have been, I do not blame my neighbor or her dog for it. We are both responsible dog owners, who do our best to provide a safe environment for our pets. Accidents happen. I am just beyond appreciative to have such good neighbors. (She has checked on the pups during tornado weather if I couldn’t get home right away.)

Looking on the blessed side today, despite everything.

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