Terrible Trifecta






Do you ever have some weeks when you swear the sky is falling and you keep waiting for it to konk you in the head?
Yeah, that’s been my week.

Sunday, Biscuit got attacked by our neighbor’s dog (a large lab mix). It was a freak accident, especially since they were seemingly separated by a sturdy gate. I guess either his head fit through the gate or the big dog leaned over the gate. We checked both dogs for wounds after it happened but could only find slobber on Skyler. Then, two hours later, I noticed Biscuit was panting heavily and licking his chest, which was now quite bloody. We rushed him off to the ER vet. He got meds and a cone. Two days after, his chest was swelling with fluid and he had to get a drain. I got him a few t-shirts to protect his bandages (and lose the cone). He has been beyond pitiful. It was Thursday before he started wagging his tail again. The drain was removed today (joy!) but the cone was put back on (bummer!). His wound needs to remain open until gravity finishes draining it. And he needs hot compresses twice daily.

My neighbors have been so caring and supportive through all this. They felt terrible that he got injured and paid for all his vet bills. I cannot express how much their kindness has meant. It made this trauma easier to bear.

The next piece of blue sky to crash down was a fire at the bike shop next to the House of Flemings. It’s an alligator accessory shop where I worked for four years. I love my former boss, Nancy, the manager; the owner, Bob Child’s; and his partner, David Golden; plus all the factory folks. They are wonderful people. Flemings was badly damaged by smoke and water. Christmas is usually their best season. The store also had one-of-a-kind furniture made by Michel Haillard. It hurts my heart that they are going through such a tough loss.

I’m bound by secrecy about the last event, but I’m devastated. All I know is that I can’t wait for 2013 to be over. This year has sucked big fat donkey balls.



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