Hodge Podge

November snuck up on me like a flying squirrel in the attic. Oh wait. Those aren’t really very stealthy, at least not in my house.

I have been working on lots of projects…including polymer clay shark teeth, beaded necklaces and an original Arabesque quilt pattern. Michael’s has all sorts of oddball craft items that crop up on my radar. I found epoxy mold material and made molds of my favorite fossilized great white shark tooth and a tiger shark tooth. Being in landlocked Atlanta, they aren’t readily available. Casting new ones is the perfect solution. They are lighter-weight, and I can sand down the edges so they don’t nick your skin. I love shark teeth as pendants because they look fierce and punk, but also natural. Guys can wear them too.

038 039 040

My other engrossing project, the Arabesque quilt, is underway. I could never decide what to with Tula Pink’s Parisville fabrics…the colors and drawings are rich and curvy. Their designs didn’t seem to fit with a traditional block quilt pattern. So I drew my own Arabesques in varying shapes and cut them out. Lucky enough, I had two large panels of a beige polka dot on white fabric perfect for a background. MistyFuse and WonderUnder are my fusible adhesives. After I adhere all the shapes, I will zig zag stitch them down. This started out as an experiment that I wasn’t sure I even liked, but now, I have discovered that the shapes are perfect for the fabric! I fussy cut the Marie Antoinette-like ladies. I cannot wait to see how this one turns out! It’s a keeper!

041 059

060In news not my own, welcome Reynolds Abernethy to the world! Congratulations to Hadley and Matthew on their beautiful little girl! Congrats to the whole Heaton Family! We love you! Mr. Heaton, by the way, looks absolutely over the moon! I can’t wait to meet her!


Sadly, as some enter, other pass. Two faithful, beloved companions have crossed over the rainbow bridge recently…Dixie and Junior. Dixie belonged to Uncle Tim and Aunt Gail. They supported her through years of diabetes, blindness and hearing loss. (I don’t have a photo of Dixie right now.) Junior was Uncle Lee’s boy. He accompanied him to work every day for years, occupying the low-slung sofa in the front lobby. I’m not the right person to compose proper epitaphs for these wonderful dogs, but I wanted to pay tribute to their lives and celebrate the love they bestowed on us. You will be dearly missed, sweet puppies.


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