Seeds of genius…planted and sewn


This past weekend was a triumph in my son’s life. His school presented a production of Seeds: the first time the play has ever been performed in the U.S., by ANYONE. It’s a docudrama based on the real dialog in a battle between Canadian farmer, Percy Shmeiser, and the Monsanto company over genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The topic is a particularly timely subject, not only for his school, but for the entire world. The play, written by Annabelle Soutar, raises so many thought-provoking questions. Can anyone own life itself? Are GMOs safe to consume? Can we stop their spread now that they have been released into the food chain?

Patrick played the lead, Percy; Savannah played the author; and Dana played the Monsanto PR leader. Their roles were the most intensive. Not only did they have hundreds of complex lines to learn, but they also had to be prepared to integrate audio/visual cues from TV screens and speakers based throughout the room. It was a full multimedia event, with flyers and sunflower seeds given out during the performance and audience interaction in the beginning. Making it even tougher, the actors had to stay in character (some playing multiple roles) using Canadian, and other, accents, and rearrange the small, well-equipped, Black Box theater stage to reflect varying locations. Clark Taylor is the director of the Mount Vernon Theater program. He’s phenomenal, and has led his cast to perform a truly amazing play.

One lengthy monologue kept Patrick up at night, rehearsing it endlessly and recording himself to double check it. I always knew he had tremendous stage presence, but this took it to a whole new level. His confidence and professionalism were astounding. He devoted himself to perfecting his dialog, his body language and his hair. (Who knew that sumo wax was virtually impossible to remove? LOL) He nailed the monologue, by the way! I wish he had time to pursue drama full time. He’s got a gift.

Mount Vernon, where it was performed, is a private Christian school that prides itself on a 21st century education and encouraging students to learn through innovation. I love that they bravely chose this play and its daunting subject matter. I can never say enough great things about his school. If you had asked me 20 years ago whether or not I’d ever send my child to a private school, I’d have said absolutely not. That was until I found MVPS and witnessed how happy and well-adjusted the children are there, and experienced the level of dedication and stellar education imparted by the teachers and administrators. MVPS requires community service projects every semester for all grade levels, teaching children to be generous and open-minded, rather than spoiled and entitled. Anyway, I could go on for days about it.

I’m picking up a DVD of the play on Thursday (for archival purposes only, not resale) and plan to have a screening for our family members who could not attend the play. Yay! I can’t wait for Bam and Papa to see him act.

Peanut, you make us all so proud! You’re a super star and have been all your life! Love you more than anything or anyone, Mom

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