Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide! Woohoo!

Hi Y’all! I think I’ve finally recovered from all the Halloween festivities. Whew! Since stores started putting out Christmas stuff a month ago, I’m going to post my gift ideas on Pinterest. I have a quirky sense of humor and a rock star fashion slant, so many of the gifts reflect that. I also pride myself on finding presents for the impossible receiver (usually Dad). Check out my Pinterest page (Joanne Helmke) and see for yourself. I’ve included the 18 Greatest Golf book series (truly the most gorgeous art golf books ever produced) and their accompanying prints. Dads are super hard to buy for because they usually already have whatever they need (and often most of what they want). They don’t wear jewelry much (except for absurdly expensive watches and cufflinks). So, I frequently try to find things that hone in on their favorite hobbies or interests.

For my teenage son, irreverent t-shirts on Roadkill T-shirts.com, oddball gadgets from Hammacher Schlemmer, and video games at Game Stop are a must-have. I had a meltdown two Christmases ago when the UPS guy tried to deliver Pnut’s Christmas gifts from HS, missed us three times, and returned the entire shipment of sold-out goods to the warehouse. Two hours on the phone, rife with hysterical crying and caterwauling, I managed to get hold of a SAINTLY UPS worker who redirected the order to my parents home. If I could have hugged that person, I would have french-kissed them.

Mom is another tough cookie. She has everything, but not in a snobby, entitled way. My dad would bedeck her in the queen’s jewels if she let him, however, she is more humble and low key. For her, I prefer to choose meaningful gifts over anything else. We love all things Parisienne (check out the jewelry at Lily of Charleston) and anything with birds. Portraits are a wonderful gift too, but take forethought. Those kind of gifts always make Mom smile. Pnut gives me perfume (we usually pick it out together and then he sneaks off to buy it). What teenage boy goes to such efforts to make his mom happy? MY Pnut. That’s who!

Handmade goods are always a treat, if you put your love in them. I’ve made quilts, coasters, aprons, mug rugs, jewelry, personalized totes, etc. Those gifts are memorable and special. You know when it’s created JUST FOR YOU. Like when I give Coco something purple or with Prince on it.

My other rule of thumb for great gift-giving: IF YOU LOVE IT YOURSELF AND DON’T WANT TO GIVE IT AWAY, IT’S A FABULOUS GIFT. Many of my Pinterest picks are really Jo picks. I’d wear or enjoy those items too. That’s how I know it’s awesome. Funny enough, that’s also how I gauge when a painting is da bomb.

By the way, I’m including some additional gift ideas in this post. (Not found on my Pinterest page…aren’t you SPECIAL? ;)) The best gifts really do come from the heart. My favorite gifts have been time with my family, with my parents, my son, my grand parents, my great grandmother, my cousins, my aunts and uncles, and with my friends. You’re all the greatest sparkly gifts ever.

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