Ms. Pinata!

Happy Halloween, y’all!

I am so partied out that I have nothing left for today. I’m not even going to dress up. This weekend, I rocked out at the Buckhead Theater’s A Social Mess Halloween party. I went solo…and arrived way TOO early. The doors weren’t even open yet. LOL. I wasn’t about to miss out though, especially since I made my pinata costume from scratch!

The costume features layers of felt cut in strips sewn onto a knit strappy sun dress and a baseball cap with plastic cups for the ears. I got the crazy heel-less sneaker wedges on DSW for $5! They make me over 6 feet tall! I danced for about 5 hours. The blisters on my toes can attest to that. Ye-ouch! Ms. Pinata was a huge hit! I tossed candy out of my top (zip-loc baggie safety-pinned into dress!) when people would smack me. 

017 018 023

When I wasn’t celebrating, I finished a mixed media piece this week and a few quilt labels. The collage turned out to be gorgeous…and used up quilt fabric scraps in a cool way. I hung the canvas in my front foyer. That’s a slightly damaged porcelain heart in the center. Lovely, no?

034 001

Have a safe time tonight trick-or-treating! Or partying! Owwww-ooooooo!




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