Happy Birthday, Joe Cool!

Howdy, folks! It was quite a weekend! I spent a few days honing my reclusive tendencies last week before emerging for some intense celebrating. First stop, Rod & George’s annual Halloween Blowout! I decided to rock the Black Swan costume again (it made a brief appearance at Spiroween in 2012). This party is always chock full of the greatest costumes! They planned a group theme around Craig…he was Maude! He looks JUST like Bea Arthur, even more than Bea Arthur herself. I’m not quite sure about the other characters, since Maude was on TV just a few years before I was born. Craig, Blake and George all wore some serious polyester though! And I got my first photo bomb ever! Coco Loco was Cleopatra (I did her makeup!) and looked super luscious. Johnny was the black bride from Insidious–he had the crazy eyes working! The food was so delicious that I ate FIVE platefuls (nothing like a stuffed Black Swan) and totally negated any alcohol I drank. Rod, George and Coco decked their townhouse out in so many cool props and sinister decorations. I heard quite a few screams coming from the powder room when the hissing cobra surprised unsuspecting visitors! Many thanks to everyone who made this the best Halloween yet!

031 039 041 043 050 053 060 064 084 088 098 120 124 144 154 174 183 190 193 211 225 244 245

The second big event of the weekend was Papa’s birthday! He’s 82 years old and makes it look amazing! Our family got together at Longhorn for a huge meal. Nothing makes me happier than being with our kinfolk. I wish I had photos, but I have been chastised before¬†for snapping pics while everyone eats.


I finished the binding on my Halloween panel quilt! I love the illustrations–they remind me of Georgie the Ghost, a children’s book I loved long ago. They make Halloween seem a little sweeter and more endearing. This was a panel quilt, super easy, just add borders, backing, batting and binding.

257 254 252 249

This coming weekend, I’ll unveil the new costume! I got the shoes for it on DSW.com for $5! Woohoo! The shoes are wild, like nothing else in my wardrobe. Now I just have to find a faboosh party!


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