Little Red Sox, Little Red Sox

So, what did I get up to this weekend? Boston. Patrick took a jaunt to Nashville and I headed north to see my high school bestie, her hubby and toddler, Sasha. The last time I saw Ellen was when she was still pregnant, over two years ago! Way too long without my girl. Little did I know, the flights were all booked because the Red Sox were in the playoffs. D’oh!


I managed to get up there…via plane, bus and water taxi. There is something undeniably cool about motoring around a city on a boat. And slightly chilly this time of year, especially when the boat doesn’t have a roof. My blood is too thin for the northern climate. A sinus infection threatened to ruin my plans, but I persevered. Thanks to the fact that Ellen found the perfect solution for my impending bronchitis…fruity cocktails! Woohoo!


I FINALLY met Sasha! She came in the door on Saturday morning from a swim lesson, ran over and gave me a huge hug! She is the prettiest little girl I have ever seen. So dainty and pretty, just like her mom. And super smart. With most two year old children, you can understand about half of what they say. I could understand almost everything she said…and she’s already potty training! Sasha is absolutely precious (high praise from me, since I’m not such a huge baby and toddler person) and delightful.


Mark gave Ellen and I a girls’ day out (many thanks). We visited Hingham Center, full of adorable boutiques; hit up Old Navy, Target and the mall; lunched at a seaside cafe; joined by her awesome friend, Kristie, we dined in Hull; and finished the night with a drink at a local bar. That pineapple, Ciroc Coconut and DiS’arrono cocktail was magical–cough vanished and sinuses dried up!  (Sorry, no photos. I looked ghoulish that day.)

Sunday morning, I woke up and wandered downstairs to find Ellen and Mark assembling a Radio Flyer tricycle for Sasha. She was watching (and helping). I think Mark was just as enthralled and tickled by the ride as she was.

010 018 024 029 031 037 040

How much did it mean to me seeing Ellen and her family? Everything. I’m so thankful that I finally made it back up to Beantown (and had nice weather!). Gotta give thanks to my mom and dad for the frequent flyer miles! What a treat!

047 049


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