Girl See Jesus

Howdy folks. Roid Rage Jo returns. I just finished my course of prednisone for massive hives (thank you, chemical-filled hair care products) and feel much better, though sadly still slightly itchy. Oh well. I made it through the roids without making anyone cry or screeching obscenities profusely (traffic jams excluded). I’ve been jogging like a road runner on fire and quilting like Christo covering Central Park. I’m on pace right now to finish 9-10 quilts this year! Woohoo!

The final leg of my hermit tour is drawing to a close. I’ve spent WAY too much time inside my house lately. When all of the laundry is done, the kitchen is spotless, the floors are sparkling and the dogs smell good, you know I’ve been shut in. I’m trying to get out and see people more. Metalsome Karaoke was my solution last weekend. It’s heavy metal karaoke led by a real band. Despite all requests for my vocal talents, I refuse to take the stage. I sing from the sidelines, where it’s safe. See, once upon a time, I dared to try karaoke at a bowling alley. I chose Don MacLean’s American Pie. Little did I know, I selected the 20 MINUTE extended version. One verse in and the other couple bailed. Two verses in and my beau split too, leaving me croaking. The MC wouldn’t let me leave the stage until it was over. People started booing. Commence Jo tears of abject humiliation and lifelong fear of karaoke. However, I do love to watch other folks do it and yell in chorus, especially to Rage Against The Machine.

I’ll share a drunken rant texted to me recently. Tickled the absolute apesh*t out of me. From Craig: “Girl see jesus. Girl you are a star be a bitch settle for best. Done with you setting. You are a star in a sea of misfit toys. Im tired of you girls not having power. Anyone woukd be lucky to be with you. Loving. Caring true heart. Strength girl girl be proud I love you. Do settle. I have a neice and protective. I hate the way people treat you
Dont settlei. I mean this man want to have a baby talking during the day like getting pregnant and giving up volleyball having him like giving all her money away and have him to Florida and I’m like have your money in her money money away thanks have not had a chance to talk to I mean Life is short. You get one life. Grab it. Hold on. Be proud hold on to trougth. Thats all that matters. Courtney we love you. Dont settle. Their loss. You are so much more.” As you can tell, Craig is very protective of his girls. Meant so much to me that he cared enough to rant on my behalf. Love you, sweetie!

One of my newest discoveries…the funniest and most touching blog I’ve read in awhile. Visit: The depression entries are so perfect. I laughed out loud and felt understood. And the simple dog…wow.

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