I, Biscuitticus

Let’s see if anyone can guess what this will be…it’s the foundation for part of my Halloween costume. I love hot glue guns, except for when I burn the fool out of my fingers. Miss Mary taught me long ago to stick my finger in my mouth if I burned it, but sadly, that doesn’t help if the glue is stuck to your finger. Yeowch! Blisters and all, I will have a fabulous, original costume this year.


A few moments of puppy zen…

Biscuit loves my quilts. Particularly, rooting around in them and wearing them like he is royalty. After all, he is officially the Earl of Buttered Biscuit.

063 062 058 051 047

Skyler enjoys the quilts too, but only after stomping them flat and arranging them JUST SO. 037 036

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