Beautiful Bammy

This is an older entry that I thought vanished in the Bermuda Triangle of lost blogs.

My weekly schedule has a new addition that I love…taking Bam to swim therapy. We have Mondays at 11 together now. Mom found a senior activities center in Smyrna with a great indoor pool facility, including a lift. The most amazing effect from the swim therapy…Bam gets relief from her nerve pain! It dials down the volume on the pain for at least a full day, if not longer. I can’t describe how phenomenal that is. Bam has been enduring chronic pain from a botched back surgery and arthritic hip joints, that have fused together, for years now. The only relief she could find was Tramadol, but always with the worry that the medication would lose its efficacy over time and use. What a blessing to find this therapy! Not only does she feel better, but the swelling in her legs goes down too. And she gets out of the house and has fun with the two trainers, Samara and Paige.

My thanks of the day is for Bam’s new therapy and for Bam herself. I was the first grandchild and got nearly seven years with Bam and Papa before Donnie came along. Bam taught me to love all animals and how to care for them. She picked me up from KinderCare before nap time so I didn’t have to nap (I hated the smelly cots and didn’t NEED a nap). She let me ride on the HoJo seat in her pretty blue Cadillac when we went places. Bam would do crafts with me and let me help her with projects like making ornaments for her solid gold Christmas tree. She helped me conquer my fear of thunderstorms, holding me in the rocking chair on the porch until everything was all right. When I’d spend the night at her house, she’d scratch my back until I fell asleep and wake me up with breakfast in bed while I watched Saturday morning cartoons. She’d work in her garden and I’d play with Alfie, her tiny, precious, neurotic poodle. Bam made me dresses to wear, and blankets, and got me my first Cabbage Patch Kid. She and Papa made my childhood so sweet and I was so loved. Not much has changed since then, except the arrival of five more grand kids and one great grand kid. She loves all of us so much and gives us her time and attention whenever we need it. In the past nine years, she taught me to sew. I’ve mentioned before that Bam bought a laptop and computerized sewing machine, but she also taught herself how to use everything that came with them. She studied every guide and learned every nook and cranny of each device. At an age when so many people are afraid to learn something new, she boldly jumps in with both feet and embraces technology. She knew what a dongle was! (I thought it was just a bad word.) We laugh together, we have long talks, we love each other. There aren’t enough children who get to know their grandparents on this level. I feel so blessed with every day I get to spend with her.

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