Ripped Tide

Sorry, folks. I’ve neglected my blog a lot lately. I just haven’t had my heart in it, or in much of anything except family concerns for awhile. I feel like I’m swimming against the rip current without fins, like when I snorkeled in the Turks and Caicos. Stroking with all my might, hyperventilating into my snorkel after seeing a monstrous barracuda, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t advance. I was stuck in that spot wearing myself out. Finally I had to drift sideways with the current until a channel opened up and I could swim back to the beach. If only I could figure out which direction that is in my life…

To keep myself occupied until that time, I have been finishing UFOs. Two quilts will be heading off to be sandwiched this week, a Halloween wall hanging and a baby quilt. Add in two table runner projects, plus the stunning Juggle quilt below (by Camille Roskelley). I also got the material for my Halloween costume. It’s a surprise, so I won’t post photos of it until after the big reveal.

009 011

I have been running too, just a bit. My monthly jogging stats were emailed to me today. In August, I ran over 74 miles! Woohoo! I also added Hip Hop Abs to my workout routine. Wheat Belly has been my book du jour. I’m trying to cut wheat out of my diet, and doing fairly well, but English muffins always lure me back. Soda is my other vice. Damn you delicious elixir, Coke! How can I live without your fizzy delight? I’ll keep you updated on what gives out first…my knees, my sewing machine or my iron-clad will. Definitely the will power.

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