Adieu, Dante!

Tonight, Patrick and I enjoyed our last meal at the famed Dante’s Down The Hatch. It’s closing on July 30th and Atlanta will lose a beloved gem after 43 years of phenomenal food, jazz and irreplaceable atmosphere. I savored the Chinese dumplings with crushed pineapple sauce and the fabulous fondue. We didn’t get to chat with Dante this time, but I took home some of his favorite quotes and sayings. Sage thoughts from a life well lived. We will miss you and your unique, wondrous surroundings so much! Farewell, Dante! Farewell, Throckmorton!



Dante’s Favorite Quote on Jealousy
From Bertrand Russell: Jealousy must not be regarded as a justifiable insistence upon rights but as a misfortune to the one who feels it and a wrong towards its object. Those who shut love in a cage destroy the beauty and joy that it can display only while it is free and spontaneous. He who fears to lose what makes the happiness of his life has already lost it.

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