Morse Code Mix Up

My latest quilt experiment is going well. The Morse Code quilt top has shown me why measuring and calculating are so important! LOL! It’s slightly wonky, but as Bam and I often discuss, only she and I, OCD perfectionists extraordinaire, would notice. I totally forgot the 2 1/2″ strips I was going to do between the rows of blocks and didn’t realize it until I was halfway done piecing the rows! D’oh! I’m working on a piano key border, maybe for the top and bottom edge, or all around it. Haven’t decided yet. I love the Comma fabric by Brigitte Heitland! (Check out the photos BELOW)

Next up on the schedule…finishing the Prince Charming Tula Pink quilt and the psychadelic Quilt Dad quilt. (Those might take months since they are HUMONGOUS!) After that, a Disco Bunny/Disco Ball quilt is in the works, as well as a Norwegian Woods themed baby quilt. I’m super excited about those! (I finished my set of three bouncy quilted baby blocks! Yay!)

I meant what I wrote about my thankfulness project. Yesterday, my visit to the doctor got me pondering how much I appreciate them (bronchitis and sinusitis have struck again…drat!). My doctor, her physician’s assistant and her staff are fantastic. Thanks to Atlanta’s gorgeous foliage and not-so-lovely smog, my sinuses are often in distress. Add in occasional volleyball injuries, check-ups, bronchitis and intermittent hypochondriac episodes, and they see me probably more than they want. They patiently listen to all complaints, assess the situation and offer good care and solutions. So many times, the nurses or front desk staff have found a way to fit me in when I’m sick. And the PA hugged me the last time I was really stressed and feeling bad! That made me feel SO much better! Their care is phenomenal and I appreciate it. I wish I could name the practice, but I’m going to ask first. I’m not sure what their policy is about being mentioned on blogs. 😉





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