CackAttack and Kakmonsters! Oh My!

Holla y’all! Hope you’re doing well and feeling fine!

Mother’s Day with the Brooks clan! We got together for KFC at my folks place and enjoyed the evening (I was so glad that NONE of the moms had to cook–yay!) I love the shot of Mom, Bam and Bitsy. Little Miss B has her paw on Bam’s wrist. She’s such a doll. Aunt Ruby is in the royal blue (brings out her gorgeous eyes) and her son, Jack, is in the black sweater vest. It was really special for all the moms, including me, to be with our children.

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Hmmm, what else has been happening? My brother graduated summa cum laude from Georgia Tech (top in his class too) a few weeks ago. He’s the dashing young man in the white shirt. My cousin, Meredith, also graduated summa cum laude. Quite an accomplishment! Congratulations! GO JACKETS! Woohoo! We all trekked down to the Thrillerdome, braving Atlanta’s absurdly unpredictable traffic, nasty cold weather and a near-biblical downpour. Nothing could stop us!

??????????????????????????????? DSC05449 ???????????????????????????????

Okay, I gotta admit…I’ve been hitting the sand A LOT recently. Last week, I played sand volleyball on Tuesday night (CackAttack Tuesday cranked out two great games to win the Tuesday league!); Thursday night (tried to win the overall co-ed fours); an all day grass tournament on Saturday (fun fours–we won it all!!!!); and then a double header on Sunday (CackAttack Sunday vs. Kakmonsters). And I’m playing again today and Wednesday. Whew! My shoulder blades are so unhappy with me. Likewise for my abs, though I’m thrilled to finally make a dent in my winter gut. Bikini, here I come!




The new balls have come in…it’s like Christmas!


I know my quilting has taken a backseat lately on ye old blog, but new goodies are in the works! My experimental project, the Morse code quilt, is underway. I’m using Comma charm packs by Moda and the perfect grey cotton from Kona. I decided to play with snowballs and the negative spaces created by the solid background. My measuring was all wonky, but I can fix it. I hope. With all the happenings this month, I’m shocked I did any sewing at all. LOL!


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