You verdant lush, you!

AWOL Jo has returned! I can’t stay inside long enough to write so I’m doing this al fresco! Spring in the ATL is magnificent! There is really no place more verdant, fertile or lush in spring than my hometown. All the colors pop at once…tulips, azaleas, dogwoods, cherry trees, everything. Despite the allergies, it’s a visual feast, a Monet come to life. The morning light sparkles through the vivid leaves and gives it all a fresh glow. And that’s just in my hood!

April is all about birthday festivities for me…mine and Patrick’s. I surprised him for his 16th birthday with a party at 300 Atlanta, a swanky bowling alley. We got three lanes for two hours, shoes, balls, hot wings with three sauces, four pizzas, unlimited soda, Caesar salad and a commemorative bowling pin to sign covered in balloons.

The kids had a blast, even taking time out to do the Harlem Shake before we left. Pure madness! I love it! We all rode back home for the after party at our abode. Nothing beats a cookie cake, so I loaded the teens up with sugar and more soda. I should have thought that one through more thoroughly. Hmmm. Just kidding. Aside from some silly string in odd places, these kids were no trouble. Several stayed overnight and I must praise them for cleaning up the Taco Bell in the kitchen. So polite!

What made me happiest? Seeing my son enjoy time with all his friends. I’d do anything to see him smile and laugh. This will be a memory I cherish forever.

In other news, I happened to catch the Rihanna concert this week. Laugh if you will, but RiRi puts on a helluva show. Philips Arena was packed to the gills. There were fewer Tweens than I expected and more grown women. What a party! She has so many hits racked up now that she played very few songs that I didn’t know. Her voice sounded clear and beautiful, especially on her latest hit, Stay. My only slight objection was all the crotch grabbing/fondling. We get it. You’re damn sexy. Madonna paved the way for all this blatant vajajay fondling. However, it becomes superfluous pretty quickly. Except during Birthday Cake, which needs more crotch grabbing. Ha!

Later, gators!










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