Happy 63rd Anniversary, Bam and Papa!

You read that headline right, folks. My sweet grandparents have been together for 63 years as of today! Papa likes to say he thought it was a joke, but their love and devotion is for real. I once asked Bam about the secret to their success. She said you have to love the other person more than yourself. And be able to throw an Electrolux vacuum cleaner down a flight of stairs. (I jest…sort of.) Their three children, six grand children and one great grand child all celebrate this landmark occasion too. You have given us a tremendous example to follow and hope that true, everlasting love does exist.

What a fantastic weekend too! Patrick went on the Critical Mass bike ride on Friday with his dad and biked at least 25 miles total. I played volleyball all Saturday at JaM 4. We won three out of four volleyball games (reverse coed doubles). Yay! However, corn hole was our undoing…we won just one game. *Gotta practice that goofy bean bag game more often.

Sunday, we attended Easter morning service at church with the parentals, followed by a lovely dinner at Mom and Dad’s with Bam, Papa, Aunt Ruby, Jack and my brother, Boo. The Walking Dead season finale was the cherry on top for the day. You can tell I take my zombies seriously.

And today? Well, today is gorgeous and perfect…just like Bam and Papa! Congratulations! We love you!



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