Miami Shmiami

I know I’ve been away too long, Bisquichitos! Warmer weather was calling my name, so I trekked to Miami over the weekend to visit friends. Miami is like New York City on the beach. It’s filled with lots of rude, super wealthy people, skyscrapers and absurd traffic. I’m not gonna give Miami much love here. Getting into clubs…mission impossible. Want a beer and a cocktail? Get ready to fork over $26 plus tip. Little did I know but the dress code is super tight, super skanky or super neon (or all of the above). Oops, my bad. I went for alluring yet classy.

The highlight of the trip was a day spent in Boca and South Beach with my art professor from high school. Tony has been a great friend and mentor since I was 14 years old. For lunch, he grilled filets of some Portuguese fish and served it with steamed potatoes, asparagus, bread and fine cheeses. A walk on the beach and through the Gumbo Limbo nature preserve helped us work off lunch. (The beach was covered in shore-stranded purple-tinged Portuguese man-o-wars…or do you say men of war? Hmm. Must ponder that.) For dinner, we ate at Old Lisbon (fabulous Paella). Then, a quick tour of Lincoln Avenue, a public gallery and finally finishing with the Van Dyke Club for amazing jazz music. Whirlwind? Yes. Fun. Absolutely! I’m so glad to be back in the ATL though. There’s no place like home.









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