Hurry up and Wait

So…my car is being serviced and the wait is INTERMINABLE. It could take an hour or two. I would pass the time making phone calls I have put off for weeks but instead I’m going to write. Procrastination at its finest. I loathe talking on a cell phone. Texting and all those apps…that’s my joy.

After a week long hiatus, I returned to the Prince Charming quilt blocks. The latest block features dew drops. It’s really graphically pleasing to the eye. I LOVE it! The more blocks I complete, the more excited I get. I have filled up my clotheslines for the blocks. I still have four more to finish before they are all done (though I’m thinking I might finish another quilt’s worth of blocks using the other color ways of these prints).



Lots of exciting stuff coming up…spring sand volleyball (yes, we played this weekend to send Roland off to Cali in style. Yes, it was 38 degrees and snowed.), a trip to Miami, and Peanut’s spring break trip to Orlando. Harry Potter world, here we come! I can’t wait for warm weather!

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