The drawing that started it all…

I wonder how often artists can pinpoint the precise moment when other people recognized their talent? When I was four, the kids at daycare liked me because I could draw Hello Kitty. The big moment came two years later though…when I sat on the floor in my grandparents’ house and drew my granddaddy. He was resting on the sofa after a long week at work, in a blue velour track suit, slippers on the floor, glass of Jack Daniels in hand, fat, yellow tabby cat (Sunshine) perched on his belly, grey Persian cat (Thomasina) hiding behind him and staring at the Christmas tree, and a football game on the TV. I captured the scene perfectly. My family was awed by this newfound talent.

Fast forward 30 years…Mom, Bam, Papa and I had been worrying about this drawing for months. Had it been lost in the fire in 2000? I could have sworn that I saw it at Bam’s before they moved from Woodstock. Mom dug through her office for days until she found it! Hallelujah!

I love the drawing because it is so un-self conscious. Before all the training and classes. It possesses a charm that I have scarcely touched since. I wasn’t striving for perfection…I just wanted to capture that moment in time. Looking at that drawing transports me back, to that lovely house in Jonesboro, eating Weyman’s chick-fil-a on the hearth, watching Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. Memories…like the corners of my mind…


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