Moth Madness

Argh! Mothra’s babies have invaded my home! Where’s Godzilla when you need him? This past summer, I started noticing these tiny grey brown moths floating all over. I couldn’t figure out where they were coming from but figured it was just a summertime thing. Fast forward to January…the little buggers are still flitting around.

One night, I’m cooking dinner and go into the pantry. As I slide the top drawer open, WHOOSH! Dozens of moths come flying out! I start digging through the assorted bags of crackers, chips and granola containers. Suddenly I see it. A granola bin with a cracked lid. It’s filled with moths; they’re climbing all inside and outside; and larvae are spinning cocoons.

Blarghhhhfhggh. That’s the noise I made when I saw this thing. The usual parade of shriek-inducing critters don’t bother me: rats, flying wallenda squirrels, possums, raccoons, snakes, spiders, etc. I admit to losing it when long legged centipedes skitter across the floor, or when camel crickets invade the basement. Nothing could prepare me for the larvae though. So gross.

The pantry–scoured. Nothing but canned goods remain. I’m scared to even buy any more granola. And the moths? They are still fluttering around, just in decreasing numbers as I tear through the house like Yosemite Sam on a bender. If I had six shooters, my house would be Swiss cheese. All that’s left are little grey smudges. I’m just thankful they don’t eat clothes, or quilts. Small silver lining.


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