A Glorious Day with Bam

Bam and I share a very special bond…she gave me her love of sewing and quilting. Together, we ooh and ahh over beautiful fabrics, interesting quilt patterns and exciting new gadgets and techniques. I wish more folks got to have a relationship with their grandmothers like I have with Bam. The world would be a much better (and wiser) place.

This Wednesday was my favorite kind of day. Like most Wednesdays, we spent the morning at the hair salon (for Bam’s weekly style). Papa got his hair cut too. After that, we stopped at Willy’s for lunch and enjoyed cheese dip and burritos at their place. Then, Papa sent us off to shop at our favorite store: Little Quilts.

Bam had gotten four amazing gift certificates for Christmas. She sat in the cutting area and I brought new stuff to her. We picked out some gorgeous new fabrics! We also got several cool new quilting books, lace and notions.

I picked out fabric for a project by Quilt Dad. It’s going to be modern…all in color ways featuring my fave color, purple! Aboriginal fabrics blend in so well with the psychedelic florals and funky splattered dots. Little Quilts is going to feature it in their store during the next shop hop on March 15th! I’m so excited and have already started cutting the pattern pieces.

While the shopping was fun and our spoils impressive, there is nothing better than a day spent with the family you love. Absolutely nothing. Yay Jo and Bammy!

(Some of our goodies!)








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