Melting Biscuit

What a productive day! I took the puppies for grooming at Shampooch, went to work, the bank, the grocery store, ate Willy’s for lunch, picked up the pups, sorted Pat’s laundry, washed the sheets, threw out Peaches aquariums…AND I’m worn smack dab out. I feel like Biscuit in his dog bed, melting down the side of the hearth.


Last night I finished another Tula Pink square, in between tornado watches and warnings. The pink print looks like peppermint candies! 14 down, 6 to go!


In addition to my other doings, I just happened to find a box left outside my garage by the postman. It contained 7 chiffon scarves and one felt squirrel ornament from Jinja Fair Trade, a company run by Stacey Ferguson of Raleigh, North Carolina. The scarves and squirrel were made by hand in India by a ladies co-op. I worked for Stacey at Americasmart during the most recent market (though I know I wasn’t much help…owners always sell better than a hired hand) and she gave me scarves in exchange. I’m in love with all these scarves! The neons are delightful! And lightweight enough to wear in springtime! It’s very rare to find well-made, unique, gorgeous scarves like these for a good price. And the squirrel…well, he’s just so darn cute! Check out the rest of Stacey’s stuff online at! Thank you so much, Stacey! Love, love, love the scarves!






Off to the laundry trenches again! Hmmm…I wonder if this comforter will fit in the washer? Only one way to find out. I’ll make it fit! When my washing machine dances across the floor, blasting water everywhere, chasing my dogs through the kitchen, you’ll know I’ve screwed it up.

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