The Big 100!

Woohoo! This is my 100th post! To celebrate, I’m giving away Lamborghini Reventons, a closetful of Nicholas Kirkwood Shoes and vacations to Bali. Just kidding. I write a tiny blog…I’m not a Rockefeller. That’s not the only thing I’m celebrating this week though. Several people I love dearly were born this month…Dad, rockin’ the big 6-0; Bam, lovely as ever; and Coco Loco, my partner in crime. AND my folks launched a new label, HitShop, this week (a division of the Ramblin Music Group). But WAIT…there’s even more to fete. Weston Burt has launched his radio tour (listen out for “Lucky Sometimes” on the radio or ask for it!) and Gimm + Icky will have a song playing during a Super Bowl pre-game show!

In other news, Patrick and I now have a newly assembled “Pockey” table for our game room. It’s a three-in-one ping pong, billiard and air hockey table. Special thanks to a very handy friend for putting this behemoth together (all 378 lbs of it). If it weren’t for your drill, massive hand truck and mechanical ability, I’d be crying and beating particle board to a pulp right now.

The Tula Pink Prince Charming quilt continues…I’m 10 blocks in! Halfway done!

I can’t believe I have actually done 100 posts. I’m really proud, since most of them have been substantive. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I relish writing them. Woohoo!




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