Puddin McJingles

Last night, we had our family get together, starting with a huge meal at Maggianos. I’m usually full after the appetizers. After way too much Italian food, we headed over to my parents house for coffee, desserts and festivities. What does the Brooks/Cox clan do? Well, we started a few new traditions.

The dirty Santa gift card swap ($25 amount only) was the first event. All of the cousins (12 of us) drew numbers and picked or stole gift cards from each other. It was really funny and I think everyone got something they were happy with. I got a Sephora card–eye cream here I come!

The second event was my favorite thing we have ever done. The cousins each had to prepare by writing down our favorite memories of each other. Then we all took turns reading them out loud. Some were funny; others poignant and heartfelt. Donnie wrote haikus for everyone. We came together in a way that bonds us and have formed a new precious memory. We love one another so much and it was never more evident than last night. What a blessing to have that time together! What a blessing to love each other!

I am totally remiss in forgetting to mention the other joyous news from the evening. Kelly and Patrick (not my child, her beau) are getting married on March 24th! My brother, his girlfriend and Meredith (our cousin) all got perfect 4.0 GPAs for their final semesters at Georgia Tech! And Pnut passed English (might have mentioned this before but worth mentioning again)!
Dad chimed in with his own good news…he’s pregnant! Just kidding.

Anyway, this has been a phenomenal Christmas so far. I can’t wait for the carol service tonight and dinner at Benihana with my folks. O Holy Night…the stars are brightly shining! It is the night of our dear Saviour’s birth! (My fave Christmas song of all time)

Merry Christmas, y’all! Hope your holiday is full of blessings, love, family and friends!

Puddin McJingles (my elf name)


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