Ho ho ho….Whoa!

Howdy Ho, folks! It’s a season full of blessings and ridiculous theme parties. First up, the world didn’t end! Woohoo! Downton Abbey and The Walking Dead return soon and I can’t miss an episode! Second, Patrick passed Honors English! That is especially remarkable since he started the semester with an 18 (that’s no typo…he really had an 18). He got sick in the first two weeks of school and struggled to catch up. His other classes took a hit too, but none as bad as English. Third, he got the flu during finals week and I managed to avoid contracting it! Bless his heart…this has been a cruddy year for him, at least the latter 4 months. I just get sinus infections and bronchitis. I’m thankful he has recovered quickly. Tamiflu does its job well!

Dasher, Prancer, Disco! On to the par-tays! I had a holiday brinner (no clue what that means) to attend with the ladies from Mount Vernon. We dressed up in our favorite holiday PJs, drank festive punch laden with vodka and Cointreau, and swapped gifts in a white elephant exchange. It wasn’t nearly as cutthroat as I imagined. So much fun! The food was divine…I ate my weight in buffalo chicken dip and little Brie pastries topped with fruit compote. Just love the word compote. Thank you to Debbie, Wendy and Teka! It was mah-velous!

My second shindig was Mark Carroll’s annual Toys for Tots Christmas/birthday party. I actually don’t really know much about Mark other than he is really kind, funny, and a snappy dresser. Oh, and he loves giving kids a Merry Christmas. And knows how to throw killer parties. Terminal West was the location this year…just right for the crowd. They auction crazy awesome gifts donated by companies and individuals, like a long weekend penthouse rental in NYC. You could also get your photo with a Falcons cheerleader. (The lowlight of the evening was having a sixty-something man offer to tie me up with his tacky striped Xmas tie, a la Fifty Shades of Grey. I politely declined.)

The final hurrah of the Xmas party season…the Drivin N’ Cryin concert at the Tabernacle. I last saw DNC twenty years ago at the Roxy. At the time, Fly Me Courageous, was their hit album. They rocked the house last night. Kevin Kinney still has his signature pipes intact, no small feat for most rockers as they age. The young guitarist who joined them last year…whoa, is he ever amazing! He looks like the rock equivalent of Matthew Gray Gubler (Criminal Minds fans, I’m talking to you) and plays like he’s possessed. He had lots of impressive solos. He breathes new life into the band and complements their energy on stage. If you wanna revel in 90’s rock without feeling depressed that the band has lost its luster, check out DNC. It warmed my heart to belt out the lines of “Honeysuckle Blooms” with them!

Sadly, I have no photos currently of all this revelry. I’ll post some other pictures until I do. I gotta go rest up for the family shin dig tonight.

Hope you are having a safe, warm, wonderful holiday so far! Blessings all around!





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