A Very Turkey Weekend

Gobble, gobble. That’s what we did all week long. I think it is turkey revenge that we all get so fat gorging ourselves on the turkeys we fatten up for the occasion. But, oh, was it good! Nothing compares to homemade giblet gravy over rice, dressing and turkey breast. We feasted on cooked squash, butter beans, sweet potato casserole, corn casserole, dinner rolls, pumpkin pie, coconut cake, banana poppy seed cake and an absurd multilayer chocolate cake. I thought P-Funk and I would never be hungry again. Wrong. We ate french bread pizzas later that night at home when the turkey coma wore off. I tried to feed the pups some leftover turkey, but Skyler gobbled it all up and then yakked it up on the kitchen floor. So much for that.

Before our own festivities, Patrick and I went down to All Saints Episcopal Church on Tuesday for the annual Feed the Homeless dinner. Covenant Community organizes and prepares the dinner (doing a phenomenal job every year!). It’s probably my 6th time participating and Patrick’s 3rd time. Pat does a lot of community service for his school (they require all students to give their time in service to others), but this is our own personal commitment. I serve food on the buffet line (note to self…bring a cushy rubber gripped spoon next year. I got blisters in 30 minutes from serving the dressing!) while he hands out desserts with other kids. Pat really has it down to a science. He was in charge of the kids this year. They stand at the end of the buffet line with trays full of desserts. I’m proud of Patrick…he has grown into a young man and a natural leader. He has never met a stranger and befriends everyone. Beyond that, he is compassionate, thoughtful and empathetic; rare qualities in a teenager.

I didn’t do any quilting over the holiday, but I did cut out lots of blocks for my newest project. It takes 37 pieces to create one block. I’m loving the frog prince that I fussy-cut. I’m hoping to start sewing the blocks tonight, if this ridiculous headache goes away. My barometric spidey-sense told me last night that rain was coming. And it was right as ever.

Mom and I trekked to her little cabin in the mountains over the weekend. We made lots of little decorative holiday goodies (loads more of the Anthropologie tchotckes), ate nachos, read trashy magazines and watched lots of girly things, like Dear John, The Vicar of Dibley and 13 Going on 30. I’m not a huge Amanda Seyfreid fan, but I could watch Channing Tatum all day long. Mmmm….sexiest man alive. Bitsy kept us company and scared away any big deer lurking nearby. We celebrated her first birthday! Mom adopted Bitsy on the 23rd last year! Back then, she only weighed about 3 pounds and fit in the palm of your hand. Bitsy fought kennel cough and pneumonia for a month after Mom brought her home.  Now, Miss B tips the scales at 10 pounds and is very healthy (except for when she eats plastic toothpicks, orchids, paper products, chewing gum, raisins and squirrel jerky).















To finish off the weekend, I went to see Life of Pi with a good friend. We ate at Panahar first (amazing Banglasdeshi restaurant on Buford Highway…really, you must try it). I never liked Indian food much, but I love Bangladeshi cuisine. What’s the difference? They told me that it is less spicy and less greasy than Indian. I’ll take their word for it. If you go, tell Robi I sent you. They offer great coupon deals from time to time and unique holiday menus with complimentary champagne and beer. The chicken korma is heavenly, especially when you pour it over the yellow rice with green peas and raisins. I also love the cream spinach with the homemade cheese cubes in it. And the vegetable samosas. Can you tell I LOVE this place? Enough drooling, onto the movie. I just finished the book over the weekend, so it was fresh in my mind. Ang Lee has done a tremendous job adapting this book into a film. It’s spiritual without being preachy. I love a great story and this is a marvelous one. Irrfan Khan plays Pi as an adult, and he is perfectly compelling. You might recognize him from Slumdog Millionaire. I was worried that the CGI might be too obvious, since there is quite a lot. It’s hard to distinguish what might be generated and what’s real. Visually, the film has so many stunning scenes. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I do love the night scene with everything glowing around Pi. I saw it in 3D. Normally, I wouldn’t bother to splurge on 3D, but this seemed fitting. I definitely recommend seeing it on the big screen while it is in theaters. Life of Pi is thought-provoking and visually delightful.

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  1. I love the idea of going to a cabin, hanging out with my mother and doing crafty things. A good chance to slow down and take a breath, by the look of it.

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