Turkey Day looms nearer…time to hit the movie theaters! We saw Skyfall on Saturday. I loved, loved, loved Casino Royale, but didn’t enjoy Quantum of Solace AT ALL (the highlight was seeing Gemma Arterton twirling in a phenomenal purple dress at one of the premieres). So, hopes were high for Skyfall to rock my world. I was not disappointed! Adele nails the title track, but really, is there anything the girl can’t sing? She gives it the sexiest, most soulful, yet melancholy tone, very Shirley Bassey. Daniel Craig returns to dashing Bond form accompanied by Naomie Harris. Ever since watching 28 Days Later ten minutes at a time before work (it was the only way I could handle a zombie movie), I have wanted to see more of this compelling British actress. She’s so charming and engaging. And they threw in another of my fave new faces…Ben Whishaw, who starred in Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, a few years back (see that movie, it has the most AMAZING scene and some phenomenal cameos). He’s the new Q! Ben had some big shoes to fill with crazy gadgets, especially because I adored Desmond Llewelyn. He’s the new generation…quirky and cocky with a computer. I won’t ruin any plot details, but I will say that we see a more vulnerable Bond than ever before. The entire institution of MI6 seems more susceptible and outdated. Skyfall offers a richer Bond narrative, following his struggle to be loyal to M despite her cold nature, his temptation to join the dark side…we even learn more of his childhood history. I still mourn Vesper, played by the stunning Eva Green, so I was pleased that they haven’t tried to give Bond a serious love interest again. Javier Bardem is Bond’s nemesis in this move, wearing another hideous blonde hair-do (is that a true sign of a villain, besides distorted eyes…bad hair?), and giving us some surprising sexual tension. I won’t say anything more for fear of spoilage, so I leave you with this. I may often be a sucker for a Bond movie, but Skyfall is fantastic.

I have also been cranking like mad monkey on some stunning quilt tops, but photos will have to wait until after Thanksgiving probably. My home laptop kindly deigned to give me some time to blog tonight. However, I have little faith in its abilities these days and fear that the hard drive is going kaput. Keep your fingers crossed and maybe I’ll be back soon!

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for my loving family, wonderful friends and the good life. (And for the folks who read my blog and occasionally comment…you really make my day! I appreciate you too and read your blogs as much as possible.)

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