Seasonally Affected

Hi there, Bisquichitos! The mad dash to holiday readiness has begun. I always vow that NEXT year I will start early, like in March, making gifts and planning ahead for Christmas, etc. Such a pipe dream. LOL. Last year, I was spectacularly unprepared. No one got Christmas cards…not one, single, solitary schmo. I wasn’t being a scrooge. Just couldn’t muster the energy or enthusiasm to get them done, or explain the major life changes going on at the time (there are no cheerful separation/divorce announcements). And gifts? Immediate family only. So this year, I am trying to build up steam and get more accomplished. Family portrait with my son? Check. Framed gifts to family? Probable. Adorable handmade gift tags? In Progress. Mom and I are already planning a cabin escape weekend to produce holiday goodies.

Mom saw an offer from our local Perimeter Anthropologie to participate in a display workshop. There were no details offered but we love their displays and artistic vision, so I signed up. I wish I had brought her with me…it is more fun for two ladies than one. Kat, the artistic director, had some fantastic ideas and set us all up at work stations with assorted supplies. I worked with two precious grandmothers, Karen and Kathleen, to make stemware decorations. (I’ll post photos below so you can see!) We worked for two hours and created mounds of these tchotchkes. Some folks were working on embellished tea bags to attach to mugs; another group was making rubber band, matchbook paper snowflakes with matchstick stems to put around candles; and another group made flowery, puffy accents out of cotton facial rounds, folded in half, hole-punched and strung together with heavy jute twine (this would be so cute wrapped around a gift sack filled with nail polishes and polish remover). At the end of the workshop, you get to take home one of each goodie and the know-how to make more! I loved this shop idea and think it really enhances their store. It builds clientele relationships and teaches people something fun and useful. Kudos to Anthropologie and the whole team for hosting a great workshop!

I mentioned major life changes earlier, which definitely had an impact on last Christmas. I wanted to mention something else that affects me every year. Maybe it affects you too. I struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD, oddly apropos acronym) and get depressed to some extent every fall and winter. The severity varies depending on how much it rains and how starved for sunlight I get. I have also fought clinical depression on and off since I was 16 years old. How do I manage the SAD? I exercise as much as possible. Volleyball is my main outlet. I prefer sand volleyball but indoor is a good winter substitute. I’m hoping to attend hip hop class soon. Getting outside or being near a window during daylight is important too. I tried one of those replacement light fixtures once, but didn’t feel a major difference. Do you struggle with SAD? How do you get past it? Maybe y’all have some good suggestions for fighting the cold weather blues…

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