The Black Swan (Not-so-little bird)

I hate when Halloween is over…it’s like when Saturday morning cartoons would end and Soul Train started. No offense to Soul Train but I wanted more Muppet Babies.

I finished off the season with a stellar costume, The Black Swan. If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend it, though with this warning: it is uncomfortable to watch. Natalie Portman delivers a nerve-wracked performance as a prima ballerina on the verge of a breakdown. The costume idea came to me when I was sorting through old ensembles. I had a black and purple fairy outfit, never worn. The black leotard with flouncy skirt was a great start. I made the tiara out of wire from Michael’s and then painted it in silver and black acrylic. I donned white hosiery (not easy to find nowadays), black shorty shorts, puffy tulle tutu, black patent heels embellished with satin ribbon around the ankles, and toiled for an hour to create the face. Voila! Black Swan!

I wasn’t the only Black Swan at Spiroween, but I think I had the most homemade elements and best makeup. Definitely. I went with some volleyball buddies, including Mario, Luigi, the three-boob girl from Total Recall, a Day of the Dead skeleton, and assorted others.

What else has been going on? Peanut got a concussion playing basketball. Not so much fun. He was on total cognitive rest for days after. We had a good time anyway though…the super craft kit I got four years ago had lots of great activities. We played with the modeling clay, painted glass stones and made a sock puppet. He’s recovering nicely and got clearance from his doctor last week to return to school and sports. Bright lights and loud sounds are still making his head hurt a little, but that residual effect will fade as he heals.

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