Bling It On, Glitz Pig!

Hola, Bisquichitos! Halloween is in the air and it gets me excited! I love, love, love costumes and spooky decorations! I’m working on finishing a Halloween quilt (no way will it be done in time, but there’s always next year). I did manage to complete two costumes (yes, I need two) and festoon my house with sparkly, gothic decor. I’m very proud of my pumpkins. Mom saw an idea in a three-year old magazine in a doctor’s waiting room and passed it to me. Fabulous idea…blinged-out pumpkins! Super easy to make too! I bought fake plastic pumpkins (you can use real if you want), stick-on adhesive scrap booking rhinestones in varying colors and sizes, plastic spider rings and E5000 crafting glue (comes in a tube). Voila! Ultra-fabulous, bling-encrusted pumpkins!

I LOVE the black pumpkin with white stones! And the spiders look so creepy all over the big pumpkin. *Big hint…use scotch tape to hold the spiders in place after using the E5000 for permanent adhesion.

So, in the past, I have managed to create some memorable, albeit obscure, costumes. Alice from Resident Evil was a crowd pleaser, even if everyone thought I was Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. I won Best in Show once for a killer Geisha ensemble. Last year though was an embarrassment. I dressed up as Baby Doll from Sucker Punch, a movie that apparently no one saw or liked, except me. Folks thought I was Sailor Moon, Samurai Schoolgirl. This year, I’m coming out swinging! Two masterful costumes that will definitely be INSTANTLY recognizable. I’m waiting on one final item to arrive in the mail–then the funniest costume will be ready. Can’t tell you what it is, but I’ve left a clue somewhere in this post. 😉 The more serious costume is an Academy award winner. Photos will be posted on Monday after the first Halloween party.

If you are looking for a great scary movie to watch, I highly recommend The Cabin In The Woods. It’s no ordinary horror movie…the plot is refreshingly original. It just came out on DVD recently. I couldn’t wait for that and had to watch the electronic version on Itunes when it came out weeks earlier. You guessed it…I have no patience.

The Walking Dead is back on too! Yay! Missed the zombie action. And American Horror Story:Asylum starts tonight! More looney Jessica Lange, Zachary Quinto, and, newly-added, Chloe Sevigny! The only thing missing at the moment are the horny vampires, werewolves and shapeshifters of Bon Temps. (Hint, hint, Alan Ball, I need more True Blood!) As you can tell, my DVR is busier than Buckhead at rush hour. I’ll probably avoid Sinister and any new Paranormal Activities movies though. My attic and its flying Walenda squirrels scare me enough without having to worry about demons or poltergeists.

Happy Halloween, y’all!


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