Typhoid Jo

*hack hack* cough cough* snort* cough* hack hack* sneeze* cough cough* wheeze*

Yeah, that has been me for the past few weeks. My brother gave me and P-Funk a nasty rhinovirus. Boo is still miserably sick; Patrick has recovered mostly; and I am still icky sick. It’s an upper respiratory virus that makes you really fatigued, with a tickly throat, then makes you cough endlessly, possibly causing a secondary ear and sinus infection (joy) and lasting anywhere from two to EIGHT weeks. I’m taking Advair, Albuterol, Zyrtec-D, Zithromax and Tussin. My cough drop supply ran out yesterday, which is probably a good thing since my insides are now entirely coated in sugar free, artificial black cherry flavoring. Avoid this bug if you can, folks. Yucky!

When I have not been sacked out on the sofa, I managed to work on a few things. I finished more aprons (yay!) and a quilt top (except for the border, coming soon). I also started on my backlog of UFOs (unfinished objects). The aprons are too cute, especially the owls. I’m hoping to sell them somewhere, maybe Etsy or a craft show. The quilt top features the Central Park fabric line. I love the colors! I’m thinking about piecing the remaining squares into a long strip for the binding.

Since I recovered slightly this weekend, I propped myself up with some caffeine and cough drops and went to defend our team title in sand volleyball. Our team, Sonova Beach, was highly seeded going into playoffs. The first match started at 5 on Sunday. We played well and finished our opponents off in two games. The second match was against friends, so we knew it would be tough competition. In two close games, we prevailed. On to the championship round…the other team was really solid. They hit cross court a lot, making them harder to block, and seldom let anything drop. Baris and Ron had some phenomenal hits, crushing the ball and slamming the door shut on the first game. Our setter, Marina, was invaluable with quick dinks and slap shots, plus some incredible sets. I had one great play, diving for the ball and popping it up with my left hand, where Ron could set it up for a hit. The situation was clutch and it helped seal our victory. What a great team! (Captain Corey had to miss the championship, but we held down the fort for him!)

Just an FYI…my home computer has finally died, so it will be a little tougher for me to post. I’ll try to keep current, but I’m not worried about clamoring fans anyway. LOL.



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