Aprons and Assorted Mayhem

What happened to summer!?! It’s still hot, but kids are going back to school. Patrick got a week longer than most kids and goes back next Wednesday. I am so prepared this year! We already got his uniforms fitted, books bought online (being delivered on Tuesday!), going for cross country sneaks today, finishing doctor visits on Monday and maybe, just maybe, going to the DMV for a learner’s permit. Big MAYBE. I managed to be super-organized about his school stuff, but that meant other things fell by the wayside.

This week has been a clusterfluff altogether for everything else. I screwed up my volleyball scheduling and missed two games (giving my teammates two hours to find a sub). Biscuit has been sidelined by back pain, so we made a vet visit the other day. He’s on pain meds, but his back is still slightly bowed up like an angry cat. Poor thing. I have to shove a spoonful of peanut butter with a pill down his throat every night. I’ve been worried about my brother (he’s under the weather from too much traveling), family friends (you are in my prayers) and my parents (my mom worries about everyone and Dad worries about her worrying about everyone). How have I been managing the stress (or the “press” as Martha calls it)?

Making stuff, of course, and watching Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings win GOLD! Bam and I went to Little Quilts on Monday to drop off her latest quilt. I got inspired to make more aprons and some zipper bags. So far, I have finished three aprons for Halloween that will go up on my Etsy site. Yes, that poor, neglected Etsy site. I haven’t contributed enough to it lately…or ever. I’m determined to get more goodies on it. And make more exciting stuff…I’m thinking of adding ruffles to those kitchen towel aprons. Just one small hitch. Must learn to make ruffles! I’m hoping to sew with Bam this Friday. She has two aboriginal quilts to work on and I have zippered pouches, plus this whole crazy ruffle idea, AND a Halloween panel quilt I just remembered. Wish me luck!

Featured below: Three pocket kitchen towel aprons with polka dot grosgrain ribbon ties




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