A Fond Farewell

I’m not going anywhere, but I have a good friend who is leaving Atlanta to return to his family and friends in Parma, Ohio. We held the first of many farewell parties for him last Friday (we don’t know exactly when he’s leaving). I had taken the blue batik quilt to Little Quilts the week before for backing, quilting and binding. They finished it in RECORD time! I was so impressed! It’s the biggest quilt I have ever made. Not quite king size but definitely larger than queen. I picked out a gorgeous dark blue finger-painted looking backing fabric and stitched a tag for it. I finished it on Friday morning and wrapped it before taking it to the party. Ian was very touched and loved it…nothing better than seeing your hard work appreciated.



Someone left a copy of Dad’s old high school yearbook laying around the house. I snapped a shot of him…it’s his senior photo. He’s always been handsome.


Speaking of tall, dark and handsome, I finally thought to post a photo to accompany my story about me and Burt Reynolds. (Side story: Just so you know, Smokey and the Bandit is one of my favorite movies of all time. I love, love, love Burt Reynolds. Only he and my dad can pull off a mustache properly. I was working at the House of Fleming  years ago (an alligator accessory business…belts, buckles, boots, etc.), when who should waltz in? The one, the only, Burt Reynolds. My boss, Nancy, pointed her manicured red nail at him and said rather saucily, “I know who YOU are”.  For five minutes, maybe ten, he and Nancy talked about gun belts and our other wares. Burt is a gentleman, phenomenally nice and exudes the most ridiculous, all encompassing charisma I have ever felt. He fills up a room with his exuberant presence. Finally, he said hello to me. I tried to be cool. I tried. But it was IMPOSSIBLE. I lost it completely. I said in a super high pitched voice, very rushed, “ilovedyouinsmokeyandthebanditcanigetapicturewithyou”. He guffawed heartily and remarked in the most honeyed-drawl EVER, “Awww, darlin, you weren’t even born when I made that movie”. I tittered and just about died when he put his arm around my shoulder for the photo. Truly, he is a delight and it was beyond an honor to meet him. I keep the framed photo on my bookshelf and grin ear-to-ear every time I look at it. )


Patrick went to Lake Rabun this past weekend with his buddy, Noah. They spent a lot of time on a jet ski and raft. Noah’s mom sent me these two great photos. I nearly died laughing when I saw Patrick’s hair in the second picture. He looks like a Pokemon character! Great before and after shots! Yeehaw!

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