Hit the ground running…

Wow. So, came back from the Brooks/Cox Family Beach Trip and hit the ground running to prepare for the show at AmericasMart. In addition to my charitable endeavors, I do occasional work for Dad’s 18 Greatest Golf book venture. I doubt I have ever mentioned it on the blog. Dad has been a lifelong golf enthusiast, sometime fanatic, and always wanted to publish the greatest art book about golf. With two partners in the UK, he published two books, the 18 Greatest Golf holes of Scotland and the 18 Greatest Golf holes of Ireland. They include forewords by Colin Montgomerie and Padraic Harrington. All of the artwork in the books is original, absolutely NO STOCK photography. They are printed in Verona, Italy, by the finest printers in the world. Does it sound like I have my sales pitch down? I got lots of practice with Craig Morrison (publishing partner who wrote most of the brilliant text) at the show for the better part of a long weekend. I have a few photos of the booth (thank you, Missy Kohl’s for your design expertise!). We didn’t sell as much as we hoped, but I think we made some great contacts and learned a lot. We made new friends too and miss them already…Ivan, Elena, Peter, Stacey, Diksha and Vlad.

How did I recover from my nearly two week stint at the Mart? Patrick and I finally made it over to White Water for a day full of water slides. We got our season passes and hit the waves! We both love the challenge of the lily pad ropes course (delusions of one day being on American Ninja Warrior, anyone?). I must say though, they have made it much tougher. I have been able to complete it since I grew a foot in ninth grade. The last 7 feet on the rope netting gets so high now, only an Olympic gymnast could make it across. Patrick is super muscular, yet weighs nothing, and couldn’t make it after three attempts. Jelly arms! Hello! We did the body flumes (my swimsuit cheeks were heating up from the friction…hmm, maybe I’m too big for this ride now?) and the Bahama Bob Slide (silly, huge round rafts that careen side to side down the pipe). My fave is the racing track with multiple slides lined up next to each other. You ride down on foam mats and race everyone! It’s so much fun. Plus, you go faster if you weigh more. Score! I beat Patrick rather handily. (See Monkey Child photos below…LOL)

I know I posted some photos before from the beach trip (the some beach, some where embroidery project), but I didn’t have my cousin’s super awesome photos at the time. Loads of fantastic family shots! I’ll post a bunch, but I can’t caption everything. The best shots are definitely of Mom and Dad (bright blue and teal clothes with gorgeous smiles), and Bam and Papa (silver-haired folks who look like movie stars). I’m also rather fond of the sparkling photo of me and Peanut. He’s only a couple of inches from being my height! I did happen to hit the waves quite a bit…of course, they were the best on the last day! I wore myself out and caught hundreds of waves. I’m the boogie board master. Hoping to attempt surfing in the near future and not suck mightily at it.

Summertime is my favorite season! Loving the sun and spending time with friends and family!


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