Some Beach…Somewhere

Who has a ridiculous Samoan tan and replacement belly-button jewelry? ME!!! That’s right…the Brooks Family Beach Trip 2012 was a smashing success. We made our final all-family trek to the Emerald Coast last week and it was glorious. Rollin twenty people deep in the Monster Mansion with three tents, four coolers, a buggy full of beer and cocktails, eight pounds of shrimp, eight pounds of chicken tenders, and two catering trays of homemade hash brown casserole. The people at the local Winn Dixie see us comin’ and batten down the hatches. They know we came to throw down!

Weather: perfect and fabulous, good breezes, very little rain, temperature much more bearable than Atlanta’s heat wave and little fluffy clouds. The waves were mostly slack, but I managed to boogie board for several days. Friday had the best conditions, of course, just to tease me. I hit the waves for probably four hours until I was limp with exhaustion. Lost my belly-button jewelry to the ocean…the friction from the boogie board unscrewed it. My temporary replacement? Bejeweled, crowned elephant earring.

So what all did we do? Ate too much, drank too much, spent oodles of time with family. Laughed like crazy talking about Magic Mike (we’re going to Vegas, Beebo!) and the rather strange decor in the house (elephants and monkeys). Spent most of our time down on the beach, listening to Southern Rock on Pandora (Dad’s new love), reading, snoozing and talking. I took a few small projects down with me…a necklace to make for Bam (out of felted balls, so easy!) and an embroidery project (I suck at embroidery). Papa likes the song “Some Beach Somewhere”, so I stitched a little something in a hoop. I added the plastic monkey because it’s an inside family joke (which I’m about to reveal).

Many, many years ago, on a trip to St. Simon’s Island with Bam, Papa, Mom, Dad and my cousin, Donnie, we all went to dinner at Blanche’s Courtyard. Dad and Papa had been playing golf all day and drinking Bloody Mary’s. Papa was wrangling me and Donnie (he was 3, I was 10) and not feeling so swell. He had on his dark glasses. Donnie and I were arguing over the two tiny plastic animals adorning our drinks. Papa got sick of listening to us bicker. He went up to the bartender and asked if he could buy the entire fishbowl full of decorative drink animals. The bartender jokingly called Papa “Joe Cool” (since by now it was well past sunset), which didn’t go over well. Despite this, he gave the bartender a $20 and brought us all the animals. We divided them up down to the last monkey, elephant and donkey. Papa was ready to slap us when we started arguing over the lone mermaid.

This year, the cousins all went out dancing to Spinnaker’s. We were never all old enough to do that, but now we are (except Patrick). What a fun night! Casey had to deter a Pepe LePeu dude with a beer to prevent a bar fight (dude kept inquiring if ANY of us girls were single). Tell you what, my cuzs know how to PAR-TAY! We danced like lunatics and had a ball!

All in all, I think we made 15 years worth of trips to Seagrove, together in one group or another. Not a bad run. Where will you find us next year? Hopefully some beach, somewhere.




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