Fruit Stripes

Ola Chiquitas!

Our Ultimate Brooks Family Beach Trip is just around the corner. We will be rolling 25-30 deep (so Jason Aldean better not put his umbrellas up on our little patch of sandy real estate this year…unless he’s willing to serenade us), which includes my parents, grandparents, aunt, uncle, cousins, brother, son plus two buddies, spouses, significant others, family friends, and on and on. We rent a mega chalet complete with helipad and moat (just kidding). It’s actually just a big house with lots of beds, bunk beds and pull-out sofas.

I’m taking some small sewing projects down with me…mug rugs, embroidery kit, etc.  I took my Hello Kitty machine down last year, but hardly used it. Figured out I don’t need a vacation from my vacation. In preparation for the trip, I got my hair did! Every year, the girls in our family get Melody (my cousin, Donnie’s wife, and a master hair stylist) to add something funky to our hair…from feathers, to neon extensions, to wild colors. Last year, I had hot pink stripes and a huge chuck of hot pink underneath the top layers. Lesson learned: large patches of bleached hair get brittle and tangled, plus the pink dye kept bleeding down my back.

This year, I went for hot pink and purple stripes on top of some blonde highlights. Dad hates it…I love, love, LOVE IT!!! I always wanted to do this when I was a teenager but worried too much about being disowned. I have since gotten over that fear.


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