Hollywood botches another great movie…

Okay, so this is not a quilting or arts related post. Maybe the art of film making? Or lack thereof? I just watched the American version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Having read the entire fascinating trilogy and watched all three of the subtitled Swedish films, I hesitated even bothering to see the new Hollywood spin. I was wise to be wary.

We’ve got James Bond, the Princess Bride (looking super haggard, if I must say) and the esteemed Christopher Plummer. The cast gets in the way of the story. Rooney Mara does a decent job and is not so instantly recognizable as to ruin her role. However, she can’t hold a candle to Noomi Rapace who originated it. She doesn’t have the same deep sense of menace or vulnerability (though she does have lots of piercings, some tattoos, and a very tiny frame).

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross did a fantastic job on the soundtrack. It’s very dark and foreboding. I’ve got one major bone to pick though…when Martin is about to kill Mikael, he listens to Enya? Excuse me? It’s not creepy like Hannibal Lecter listening to obscure sonatas while slashing people with ballet-like grace. It’s just plain comical.

If you want to see TGWTDT trilogy in all its glory, rent the Swedish originals on pay-per-view. The actors are phenomenal, the plot is rich, the scenery is cold and the movies are true to the books. Don’t bother with the anemic American copy.

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2 Responses to Hollywood botches another great movie…

  1. Katie says:

    We rented this in Hawaii on our honeymoon. Having never read the books, I thought it was okay, but now you have me wanting to watch the Swedish version! 🙂

    • shnelly13 says:

      The books are amazing, so well-crafted and rich in detail, but still readable. Definitely watch the Swedish movies! The cast is phenomenal and they stay true to the books.

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