Here it is…a groove slightly transformed…

That’s right! It’s summertime! Woohoo!

My huge apologies for the long hiatus and pitiful output…summer means more time outside for me and less time inside sewing. I have been playing way too much volleyball (just ask my joints) and running too much (again, refer to my joints). P-Funk is out of school too, so we now have our evenings free for fun activities. We saw Dark Shadows tonight, which I highly recommend. Nobody does camp like Johnny Depp.

I have managed to work on a few things. The blue and white quilt top is FINALLY FINISHED! I got so sick of piecing long strips. Tedium. I still need to sew all the binding strips together and take it to Little Quilts for the sandwich process. I’m not hand-stitching the binding together on it though once it returns, especially since it may be the largest quilt I have ever made. It’s huge. At least queen size.


I knitted a very cool pillow top with the super chunky embellished wooly yarn I got at Purl Soho in NYC. I love how it looks like a Monet water lily painting in yarn. I made a small pillow form in complimentary colors and have yet to finish stitching it down. It’s gonna be cute when it’s done though! I’m now working on a coral version that has bright yellow neon flowers. Check out the project bag with the sparrow!


There’s a top secret project I’m working on. I can only reveal the sketches for the pattern, nothing more. I love surprises! I’ll post photos once it’s done and has been given away to its new home. 😉

What else have I been up to? Hmm, well, I attended a tiki party a week ago. For those of you who know me, I love, love, LOVE anything involving costumes. A few weeks before the party, I asked my friend (who invited me) if the party did indeed involve grass skirts, etc. He said yes. Day of the party, I donned a grass skirt to match my coral bikini, added some leis for my wrists and head, put on a tiger shark tooth necklace and headed out the door. I sent him a text message asking if “FULL TIKI” was still appropriate. Ten minutes into my drive, he let me know that sexy chic was the plan instead. I pulled a 180 and raced home to change. A coral wrap dress plus tribal shoes, wrist leis and shark tooth necklace…voila! Sexy tiki chic!

Thank goodness I changed. No one else was even remotely dressed in anything costume-y.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend folks!

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