More, more, more in NYC!

So, back to class with Heather Ross. I was working on my Flamenco lobsters and crabs, but they were looking more than a little cartoonish and didn’t have a context or surroundings. They needed a story. With only three days to finish a design, I figured out on the last day of class that I ‘d need to abandon the lobster for now and work on something simpler. Our trip to the NYPL served as inspiration, especially the book from the 1800’s with hand-painted studies of very fanciful fish and ocean life. I sketched a very simple seahorse in Photoshop and started playing with color. Seabiscuit was born (I still have a stuffed seahorse named Seabiscuit that my grandmother made me). The design is perfect for a beach bag…in fact, I am planning to create a prototype soon for my accessory design class. I can’t wait to see it as a finished fabric!

I’m having a memory fit trying to recall the many shops we visited. I got an amazing sundress at Tracy Reese and Mom got a gorgeous skirt and top (but I can’t recall which designer shop just yet) to wear to a wedding. I also got two pairs of very interesting shoes (they are made out of a rubbery plastic). One pair is a sky blue wedge heel with thin ankle strap and the other pair is a peep toe platform with chunky heel and thick strap across the front. They are like rain boots crossed with heels!

Our New York trip was fabulous! I highly recommend staying somewhere off the beaten path, in a more residential neighborhood. You’ll find interesting restaurants and get lots of exercise while enjoying the area. I also got to visit with a friend from high school (I hadn’t seen Kate since college) and we ate brunch at Cafe Luxembourg. Star sighting…Debra Messing was sitting 5 feet away from us. She is very lovely in person. Kate took me to a renowned cookie place, with a line around the block. My taste buds thank her, but my waistline says NO MORE! It was wonderful to see her and hear all about her adventures. She has always been a brilliant, interesting, beautiful, sweet, funny person and I’m so glad to have reconnected with her! Thank you Facebook!

I’m going to just post all the other photos from the New York trip for your perusal. I can’t caption and explain everything. Hope you enjoy!

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